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Creep by Radiohead

The Surprise. There are hundreds of versions of this song. This one is the ultimate polka version.


Jockey full of Bourbon by Tom Waits

An approximation. Tom Waits proves to be the master of gloom. And polka is played wherever you are. Even on the Downtown Train. Or should it rather be the Down Down Train?


Vecerka by Frantisek Juracek

The original. The starting point of non-classic rock music. Bohemian polka reduced to its essence. Brass music rocks.



Camarillo Brillo by Frank Zappa

Taking a bow. To Frank Zappa, the greatest promotor of Bohemian polka in non-classic rock music.



Starless by King Crimson

The border crossing. Bohemian polka in 5/4. Made possible by Fripp. Because prog rock without polka is no fun really.



More Trouble Every Day von Frank Zappa

Another bow to Frank Zappa. Great polka music by the master himself.



Walzer Nr. 2 by Dmitri Shostakovich und Tom Waits

Melancholy. Tom Waits, master of melancholy in non-classic rock music, supplies Dmitri Shostakovich with some American poetry. And Polka Streng reveals the lines in between.



Catholic Girls by Frank Zappa

Yet another polka by the master himself. Frank Zappa dedicated a "Concerto for Clarinet and Low Budget Orchestra" to Johann Sefcik, the legendary clarinetist of the "Trachtenkapelle Trautmannsdorf". In addition, he dedicated a polka to the beautiful sutlers, including "Easy Meat."